How To Choose The Right U-Bolt For Your Custom Suspension System

Most of the time, finding the right parts for your car is as easy as putting the make, model, and part into a search engine. When you have a custom suspension system, though, finding parts can be more of a challenge. Instead of letting the internet do the work for you, you have to match your current parts to brand-new parts to ensure a perfect fit. U-bolts, in particular, are fairly generic and are often sold by size, shape, and diameter. Read More 

What Will An Auto Body Shop Do For Your Older Car?

You have an older car that you want to get some work done on, just to help spruce up the vehicle and help it operate and look better. While you don't have a lot of money to put into your vehicle and you don't want to over-invest in your daily car, you still want to do what you can to help your car last as long as possible with your investment. Read More 

How to Prep & Prepare Your Teen for Using a Car at College

One of the best gifts that you can give your teenager when they are heading off to college far away is the gift of auto assistance. You want to know that they will be okay if something happens to their vehicle while they are driving, and you are nowhere around them to help. Here are some of the things to consider as your teen gets ready to leave for college, and you are trying to prepare them to be independent and for what lies ahead. Read More 

Three Tips When Considering Car Restoration

One of the greatest ways to embrace history, nostalgia and your love for cars is to restore a classic vehicle. While these cars have character and craftsmanship that is incredibly valuable, in most cases, these vehicles either don't run or don't run very well. They may also have serious paint and body issues due to age and wear. If you really want to bring these vehicles back to life so that they run and look great, you will need to do business with a car restoration shop that can help you. Read More