Why Should You Take Junk Car Removal Seriously?

Hardly anyone intends to leave an old junk car lying on their property. Whether it's a project that got away from you or a vehicle that slowly fell into disuse, there's no denying that old, abandoned cars are eyesores. Of course, just because something is ugly doesn't necessarily make it a top priority, and it's easy to let these old hulks sit around for months, years, or longer.

Unfortunately, leaving these old cars in place is more than an aesthetic decision. Even if you're fine with letting nature slowly overtake an old car on your property, you may still want to consider contacting a junk car removal company. Leaving one of these cars alone for too long can pose some fairly serious problems.

Are Junk Cars Dangerous?

The simple answer is that it depends. Any car contains many elements that can pose potential hazards, including flammable, toxic, and environmentally-damaging fluids. When you drive your car, these fluids circulate through their various systems, helping to keep gaskets and hoses fresh. You're also likely replacing fluids and paying attention to leaks on any car you drive regularly.

With a junk car, these fluids will collect at the lowest points in the system, which usually means an oil pan or reservoir. These items can rust or rot over time, allowing fluids to leak onto the ground. You may not even notice this leakage if you don't use the car. These fluids can stain your driveway or even damage your lawn and soil.

Even worse, motor oil is combustible. While your oil won't spontaneously burst into flame and requires relatively high temperatures to ignite, it can provide a dangerous source of fuel for fires. If you live in an area prone to dry summers and brush fires, oil from a leaky junk car can allow a minor grass fire to burst into something much more severe.

What Should You Do?

Even if you aren't concerned about the risks, a junk car sitting on your property offers little, if any, value. If you've left the car for long enough that it may be a hazard, it's probably worth very little on the private market. Selling a car in non-running condition that's been sitting for months or longer can also often be a huge hurdle, as few buyers are interested in scrap metal.

Working with a junk car buyer is generally the quickest, easiest, and safest option. By scheduling a junk car pickup, you can get rid of that old beater in a few days instead of waiting an eternity for the right private buyer to show up. As a result, you'll beautify your property while removing a potentially serious hazard.